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Martinin -> SSL graphics missing (27.Feb.2006 11:04:29 PM)

I have a cache mode ISA 2004 server that we are trying to migrate to from our old isa 2000 one.  My test group of users is having and issue with some SSL based sites.  They can log into the sites fine, but many of the graphics do not display.  There have also been some timeout problems when trying to purchase from online (ssl encrypted) websites.  I am not seeing any denies in the logs.  Ideas? 

LLigetfa -> RE: SSL graphics missing (27.Feb.2006 11:53:39 PM)

Is PMTUDiscovery enabled?

Martinin -> RE: SSL graphics missing (28.Feb.2006 5:14:54 PM)

EnablePMTUDiscovery is set to 1, so yes it is enabled.  The PTR record in DNS is correct.  The HTTPS Protocol does not have the web proxy application filter applied to it.  Any other ideas? [&o]

Martinin -> RE: SSL graphics missing (6.Mar.2006 10:15:57 PM)

[:@] Friends, we are gathered here today to mark the passing of yet another dying thread.  Let us have a moment of silence.  Thank you.

Martinin -> RE: SSL graphics missing (13.Mar.2006 9:51:49 PM)

Just because I am a nice guy I will post what appears to be the solution to my little problem so the next poor hapless soul with the same issue can rejoice in it.  Apparently the act of migrating rules from a ISA 2000 server to ISA 2004 by way of Microsoft's own migration tool can cause the number of connections allowed per client to be reduced from 160 to 40.  The result, in may case, was a sporadic "timing out" of elements on SSL encrypted pages.  The MSFT technician acknowledged that he found this in an "Internal Research Article".  Translation:  MSFT knows about the problem, but they are not sure about it enought to add it to Technet.  Please also note that the symptoms are tied to a migration of access rules from ISA 2000 to a new 2004 server, not the upgrading of ISA 2000 to 2004. [8|]

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