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clauded -> Problem publishing server (28.Feb.2006 9:10:25 PM)


I have Isa Server 2004 sp1 used as a reverse proxy. It has only one network interface and is behind another firewall. Here's how it looks:

                isa server
internet-----firewall-----------internal network
          server to publish (port 1500)

I'm trying to publish a server on port 1500 located in another zone. I created a server publishing rule with a protocol def fort port 1500 inbound. When I try to connect to the published server, ISA rejects my connection (port 1500 outbound). As I cannot create a publishing rule with an outboud definition (unlike HTTP for example) I'm unable to publish my server. This configuration works when publishing web servers using web server publishing rule but not for custom protocols.

Any ideas?

tshinder -> RE: Problem publishing server (3.Mar.2006 8:26:51 PM)

Hi Claud,

Won't work. You need to fully deploy the ISA firewall (not the horked unihomed config) in order for it to work.


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