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wapdumont -> How to add unknown browsers? (1.Mar.2006 4:35:20 PM)

We use a lot of non-microsoft browsers within the organisation and in the reports they are all bundled as one "unknown browser".

How can I add additional browser definitions to either ISA or W2K3.

The browsers i want to identify are:
- Firefox
- Opera
- Netscape 8

Any ideas?


Angie -> RE: How to add unknown browsers? (2.Mar.2006 9:56:44 PM)

I'm interested in this too.  Mostly Firefox and Safari.

ITEngineer -> RE: How to add unknown browsers? (5.Mar.2006 6:01:04 PM)

yah this would be interesting , specially that i also has unkown operating systems !!! althought all what we have are either XP or Win2003 !!

anyone managed to add new OS or new browsers and got rid from the Unknown

ChrisF -> RE: How to add unknown browsers? (28.Mar.2006 3:51:32 PM)


I generated some reports too  and found out, that all browsers, except the IE, are bundled as "unknown".
When i take a look at the logging-screen, i see that the client-browser is identified correctly.

Did someone solve this "reporting-problem" yet?

Another question in this context:
Is ist possible to deny internet-access for specific browsers (i.e. opera or firefox)?



elmajdal -> RE: How to add unknown browsers? (28.Apr.2006 7:16:31 PM)


Actually, 2006 SE Beta listed Firefox in a report I just ran.

There's two interesting files in c:\Program Files\Microsfot ISA Server, and

I compared the two files on ISA 2004 and ISA 2006, 2006 has Firefox, Camino, Konqueror, etc.  Whereas 2004 only has mostly ms browsers in it.

taken from : UNKOWN Browsers in ISA Reports

Quitch -> RE: How to add unknown browsers? (1.Apr.2010 5:26:10 AM)

Stumbled into this topic from Google. The linked thread doesn't appear to be accessible, is there any other area with information on which browsers and operating systems are the most likely candidates for "Unknown"?

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