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bplog7554 -> Wildcard Cert Problem (1.Mar.2006 7:45:35 PM)

I have a site that has a wildcard cert it works just fine.

The cert (Starfeild (external cert)) is about to expire. I have already gotten a new one, and have entered it into the Personal certs db.

My problem is that ISA server will not see it in the listener...it see's the current one, but not the new one. Do I have to recreate the listener to see the new cert?

Let me know,

jbarsodi -> RE: Wildcard Cert Problem (1.Mar.2006 7:50:00 PM)

Hi B,
So when you go to the Listener properties->Preferences Tab and click the Select button, you don't see your second cert?

If you go into the certificates mmc do you see the cert listed under Personal->Certificates?

bplog7554 -> RE: Wildcard Cert Problem (2.Mar.2006 4:16:14 PM)



jbarsodi -> RE: Wildcard Cert Problem (9.Mar.2006 12:33:27 AM)

what was the solution?  Others may benefit from your experience.


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