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meister -> How can I analyse an all port scan attack (11.Mar.2006 11:10:01 AM)

Hi everybody!

After being confronted with some intrusions I wonder how to get more information about them

The "Alerts" tab in the container "Monitoring" shows some intrusions. In my case the description says: "ISA Server detected an all port scan attack from Internet Protocol (IP) address"

I can configure how many well-known ports (1 - 2048) and how many ports  (don't know if it means all ports or all ports except well-known ports) must be scanned to be considerd as attack and I can configure two specific Alerts, "All port scan attack" and "Well-known port scan attack" which will send me a mail or make an entry in the eventlog or whatever.

How can I know how many ports were scanned? How can I know which ports were scanned?
How can I export the "Alerts" Tab including the discription?

Thanx in advance!

p.s.: The MSDEToText Tool for Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 does not help because the intrusion detection won't be logged in the MSDE database :(

tshinder -> RE: How can I analyse an all port scan attack (17.Mar.2006 4:47:59 PM)

Hi Meister,

You can correlate the IP address and time in the Event logged with the entries in the ISA firewall's log files. Personally, I ignore port scans. Unless you're an experienced analyst, they're not much use to you.


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