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StefanHammar -> Active sync 4, windows mobile 5 problem (11.Mar.2006 11:36:35 AM)

Hello Experts

Windows 2003 sp1 Eng
Exchange 2003 sp2 with a frontend backend configuration
Windows xp sp2 and latest version of active sync 4
qtek windows mobile 5 phone

On a fresh phone active sync works fine over gprs to our Exchange server

But, if I connect the phone to the laptop with the USB cable the active sync stop working ...

It looks lite that the phone gets automatically ISA server proxy configuration and after that the active sync have problem to connect ...

Do anyone have a tip about this problem

We are using DNS and DHCP with wpad info and have the firewall client installed on our computers.


tshinder -> RE: Active sync 4, windows mobile 5 problem (13.Mar.2006 3:26:14 AM)

Hi Stefan,

Windows Mobile 2003 doesn't support autoproxy. I don't know about 5.0.

I know that if you have a well designed split DNS, it doesn't matter where you are, since you never need to change the server name.


StefanHammar -> RE: Active sync 4, windows mobile 5 problem (13.Mar.2006 9:54:48 AM)

Hi Tom

Thanks for your answer!

If I reset the mobile phone and configure gprs, active sync and install the root certificate for active sync,
Active sync works fine with gprs ...
After using the USB cable and active sync the active sync over gprs stops working.
I have identified that the windows mobile 5 now have ISA configured as it's proxy server ...

About split DNS
Yes, I have split DNS but I see a problem
OWA is using Form based authentication
OMA, Sync and RPC over https are using Basic authentication
I need two weblistners for https -> two certificates with two different common name -> no problem at the
ISA server but a problem at the Exchange frontend server ...

Best regards

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