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billf -> Publish page viewer to Internet (22.Mar.2006 10:21:48 PM)

Have SharePoint Portal server (SPS) 2003 published to the INternet, through ISA server 2004, with certificates.
All is well.  Added a new internal web server, for changing windows active directory passwords.  Went back to the SPS box, added the page viewer part, linked it to the new password IIS box.  On the internal LAN, it shows up in the box, and it works.
But... when one reaches the SPS page fro the internet, the page viewer part does not show the internal LAN password box.  I know that the error is that the page viewer part is offereing an internal link that won't resolve on the outside Intenet.
I have tried link translation, and alternate portal things.  But I am not sure how to get this working.  And also not sure what link translation names I would use, even if link translation was the fix.
Help!!!  Thanks.  Bill

billf -> RE: Publish page viewer to Internet (22.Mar.2006 11:56:43 PM)

Sorry....... as an afterthought......  I suspect I would have to create a public A record, such as point to an IP address.  But there is ony one public addres - the one to the ISA box.  Don't won't to take the chance I might break it.

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