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johnspie -> Disable Message Screener? (22.Mar.2006 11:44:55 PM)


Our mail is handled by an outside smarthost that gets rid of all the nasties for us before it's relayed here.
My question is: Since we don't need the mail filtered twice (closed trusted relay); will ISA 2004 merely act as a packet filter, (just opening 25 incoming/outgoing) with the screener service disabled and the app filter unchecked under SMTP?

Thanks again,

tshinder -> RE: Disable Message Screener? (25.Mar.2006 6:11:46 PM)

Hi John,

You shouldn't disable the SMTP filter. However, the Message Screener is at your discretion.


johnspie -> RE: Disable Message Screener? (28.Mar.2006 8:17:53 PM)

Thanks Tom.

It's working well. [:)]

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