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CRM250 -> ISA 2004 web cache only (28.Mar.2006 5:34:13 PM)

Hi all, am after some advice please and after doing some searching i get mixed reports to thought i would pop the question.
I am currently running ISA2000 as a web cache only and i am finding its performance rather testing.
I am licenced to run 2004 and need some advice.
I would like to run 2004 as a web cache only, not interested in any sort of publishing or a half attempt at security (use hardware routers which i know better and trust, they work for me)
The hardware will be a single NIC DL380 but can add another NIC or even 2 if needed. it would be good to be able to force browsing down my leased line and perhaps use a ADSL connection as a failover.
Can this be actually done with 2004 ? or am i fighting a losing battle.
Help would be appreicated i have little experience with ISA and while it currently works as a cache, thats more by fluke than knowledge.
Now if it was exchange or mimesweeper then things would be quite different.
thanks in advance

tmorton -> RE: ISA 2004 web cache only (28.Mar.2006 6:25:53 PM)

Are you looking for additional performance from the server by upgrading to 2004?
I am not really sure that the upgrade to 2004 alone will provide that. Have you looked and performance monitor to
determine where the bottle necks are?

As for using ISA as a web cache only in a unihomed configuration I think that you will find Tom's guide to be a valuable resource. I would recommend that you read through that and then ask any additional questions you may have.

It is locate here

Ty Morton

cwr -> RE: ISA 2004 web cache only (29.Mar.2006 12:18:39 AM)

tom's guide? is that in his book or .. ?

CRM250 -> RE: ISA 2004 web cache only (29.Mar.2006 9:30:31 AM)

Cheers for the link, i have read that before and it is very good. but i am running 2000 and want to move to 2004 and install on a new box then simply switch them over when ready to deploy after testing.
As for the performance, well it looks to be the surfcontrol plugin isn't helping ISA run smoothly. The equipment is man enough but the OS is 2kSP4 and not really the best it could be.
Other option may be to use something like smoothwall, all i want is a simple cache, and i cant get a simple answer is ISA2004 will run as a cache only server with a single NIC.
Many thanks for the reply

mklomp -> RE: ISA 2004 web cache only (29.Mar.2006 9:56:25 AM)

I can’t give you an answer about the performance of ISA 2004 vs. ISA 2000. Because we’re migrating from Proxy 2.0 to ISA 2004.
But we’re using ISA 2004 in a unihomed configuration, and this is working fine. It is rather simple to setup. You select the right template for a unihomed configuration, you create a cach drive and a simple access rule that allow HTTP and HTTPS. And if you doesn’t use port 8080 for your proxy, you need to change this on your internal network settings.
I have only some small problems with blocking specific content.

CRM250 -> RE: ISA 2004 web cache only (3.Apr.2006 12:06:49 PM)

Just a quick note to say thanks to all that replied.
I now have ISA2004 running in cache only mode, no special rules in place, simply letting anything through as surf control restricts user access at a better level.
The performance is better than ISA2k on the equivalant hardware which is great.
Simply pointed all the users to use the new ISA server in GPO and watched them all come over.

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