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jvbemmel -> Weird problem with Citrix and ISA server (30.Mar.2006 4:07:15 PM)

Hi everybody,

I have a really weird problem with Citrix in combination with ISA server. I run a SBS 2000 server with ISA server on top.
This server provides the internet access and firewalling. On a separate server, I run Citrix XP server with some published apps.

This Citrix server is accessed from the internet by coworkers on another location through the internet. I use the XML browsing feature and encryption..

So far so good, everything works like a charm, EXCEPt, on occasion (and this is recently more often then less), the Citrix connections from the remote office are disconnected and can only be reconnected after several minutes (without intervention from my side, it seems like the server is down and back up after a while). I already boiled it down to the ISA gateway, because when the problem occurs, the Citrix server happily accepts connections from the internal network. Only the connections through the ISA server fail..

I already tried:
- restarting ISA services/proxy services/routing services during the appr. 10 minutes of disconnection..
- latest service patches and packs on SBS 2000 and on Citrix Metaframe.
- Checked all logs and events.. There is NO mention whatsoever on problems, errors or so in or just before the disconnection period.

I would really like to crack this case, so if any genius people out there could help, I would be so gratefull!

Best regards!
Jeroen van Bemmel

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