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stevedavis1050 -> changing IP address (16.May2006 3:53:57 PM)

I have a unihomed ISA 2004 server running on Win2k3 in the DMZ that only acts an OWA
Publishing Server using HTTPS and FBA.  It uses host entries, no Split DNS, and it is not in a domain.
Our DMZ IP address space is changing.  I need to change IP on ISA to a totally different IP/subnet mask.
After changing the IP and updating the host file, is there something I need to do to the ISA Config?

ClintD -> RE: changing IP address (16.May2006 4:45:25 PM)

Since it is a single NIC, no. I've done this numerous times on my single NIC ISA servers (moving from DEV to PROD) and it just jeeps on humming - assuming you haven't specifically used the first IP in any of your Web Pub Rule Listeners.

stevedavis1050 -> RE: changing IP address (16.May2006 6:33:16 PM)

Thanks for the help.
not sure I understand, "assuming you haven't specifically used the first IP in any of your Web Pub Rule Listeners"
The listeners are listening on the "internal" IP, which is the IP that will be changed.

ClintD -> RE: changing IP address (16.May2006 9:25:39 PM)

Typically, you setup a listener to listen on the 'Internal' network (not IP), but you can go into the Listener properties and on the Networks tab, select the Addresses button to use a specific IP - the option is "Specified IP address on the ISA Server computer in the selected network".

As long as the listener isn't using a specific IP, or, in other words, it has the option for 'All IP addresses on the ISA Server compouter that are in the selectednetwork" enabled, you'll be good to go.

ThatOtherGuy -> RE: changing IP address (21.Jun.2006 2:15:12 PM)

Hi stevedavis1050,

I have a similar scenario as yours, however, I just need to allow traffic out through the unihomed proxy. the company managing our firewall says it should work and they can see the machine on the network. But Internet doesn't work through it. It does work with no problems on the LAN. Any clues or ideas?


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