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Steve H -> Publish SMTP on front-End server to smart host in dmz (19.May2006 5:11:17 PM)

I have read alot of different scenarios on this but thought I would ask if this configuration will work.. Here is my setup..

Exchange 2003 on internal network 10.x.x.x
Exchange 2003 Front-end server on internal network 10.x.x.x
Isa Server 2000 Multi-homed internal 10.x.x.x DMZ 10.11.x.x
Proofpoint appliance in DMZ..All incoming and outgoing mail passes thru this appliance with Public IP natted to it's DMZ IP  10.11.x.x and a MX record pointing to the public IP.

I have succesfully published OWA thru our ISA 2000 multi-homed server and all is working well. I am now looking to publish our internet mail (smtp) using the same isa server. The external interface on the isa server only has 1 IP in the DMZ. From what I have read it looks like I have to bind another IP to that interface before procceding.

When I set up a smtp publishing rule I should use this "new" IP as the incoming listener and the internal IP should be that of the isa server internal IP.

On the Front-end server I run the mail wizard and set up a new smtp server.. I want to use smart host so what IP should I point that to?? The internal on isa, external on isa or the appliance in the dmz??  

Set up my front-end server as a SecureNat client.. ( Do I need to do this??)

I am kind of at a road block on this.. Thanks in advance for your help..

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