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jmil -> Firexfox issue... (22.May2006 11:31:33 AM)


I have a small network with users authenticating through a PDC.
I have a router with a dsl line and also an ISA server 2004 box with a single
interface just for web caching.I have made gpo modifications so all users to have
as default proxy the ISA machine.I also disabled users to be able to change proxy settings
on IE.Everything works ok except the fact that i cannot control web traffic on other
browsers like firefox or netscape..Each user that request a page from these browsers is
routed through default gateway (dsl router) instead of ISA box...i can put manually proxy config
on these browsers but the problem is that users can change these settings so this is not an option...

any suggestions??

Thank you

tboggs13 -> RE: Firexfox issue... (23.May2006 11:29:44 PM)

You can manage Firefox via GPO using one of the two methods below:

I like the way the Frontmotion solution works better, but due to the changes they made, it is not a standard Firefox Icon/Package and it only works with their version of Firefox. They also have an MSI package that makes it easy to deploy Firefox.

The sourceforge version works with login scripts and will work with any version of Firefox.

I haven't looked into management for other browsers. Our configuration has the ISA firewall between our users and the internet, so they can't get out without an authenticate connection to the proxy. I did have trouble with Firefox both with the proxy and website on the local network. The most reliable solution was to configure the proxy manually using the sourceforge firefoxadm solution. With the automatic proxy detection I kept having intermittent connectivity issues with users.

jmil -> RE: Firexfox issue... (24.May2006 11:36:39 AM)

well done! thnx a lot!

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