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j.kru -> VPN to trusted NT Domain (23.May2006 3:20:31 PM)

Hi there,

we have an ISA 2004 in our AD (2003) Domain as VPN Server. There are several NT Domains trusted to the AD Domain (two way).
There are several firewall rules (Security Group based) that restrict User Access to the network.
Working with an AD User over VPN works fine.

Here is the really straight problem:
When a user from one of the trusted NT Domains connects to the ISA for some minutes everything seems to work fine.
Then ISA Server reborts errors, and the NT User is no more able to access the network. The Firewall drops all packets
from the nt user because of firewall rules, that allow the access.

Here is the error message from the isa:


ISA Server name: VPNServer

ISA Server does not have the security permissions required to check user group membership. As a result, ISA Server is unable to evaluate rules that are applied to user sets that contain Windows users and groups.
ISA Server must have additional permissions in order to access user group information. This is controlled via the TokenGroupsGlobalAndUniversal security attribute.
On a Windows 2003 domain, add the ISA Server computer accounts to the Windows Authorization Access Group.
On a Windows 2000 domain, since the Windows Authorization Access Group does not exist you should create a domain local group for this purpose, and add the ISA Server computer accounts to that group. Allow this group to access the TokenGroupsGlobalAndUniversal attribute on user objects, on computer objects, and on iNetOrgPerson objects.

We put the ISA Server in the "Windows Authorization Access Group" but nothing changed.

Has anyone an idea where the problem ist?


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