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zzz343 -> .WMV not blocking (26.May2006 2:15:34 PM)


I am unable to block .WMV extention from download. I have create new rules to block this extention but unable to do so, it seems it bypass [8|] the ISA block rule,
other extention are getting blocked like .exe .zip .mp3 , [but some times, or from some sites, these extention also downlaod , [:@] bypassing the block rule for the]

Any solution using ISA ?? [:-]

zzz343 -> RE: .WMV not blocking (28.May2006 11:28:55 AM)


My problem have been solved. I deleted the default Allow rule in S&C rules, and created new Allow Rule , and now all download blocks perfectly including .wmv [:D]

[:-] Strange, isnt it , I even tried Surfcontrol for blocking contents of wmv but failed to do so sometiems it blocks some times dont, but recreating the allow rule solve the problem [>:]

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