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wishfly -> Netfee 3.4 released! (5.Jun.2006 9:36:26 PM)

Netfee 3.4 released!

[+]improve on data filter.
[+] add monitor filter function.
[+] monitor file transferred ar realtime.
[+] add warn function. 
[+] query by application,protocol,port,filetype and dest-addr. 
[+] Windows integrated authentication to Sql server.
[+] can select various mode to web-query. 
[+] add schedule function 
[+]improve on report function.
[+]improve on cross query.. 
[-] remove webfilter function. 
[+] add back and forward function when query.

[+]can query all users' quota status.

[+]fix some other bugs.

NoneAndOne -> RE: Netfee 3.4 released! (12.Jul.2006 1:45:21 PM)

Looks like a good product, unfortunately doesn't support Microsoft sql database logging

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