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mikesmith20055002 -> RADmin locked down (8.Jun.2006 12:09:21 AM)

I have ISA 2004 installed on a Windows 2000 server (standard config with 2 nics; internal and external).  I would like to install RADmin, but only allow RADmin to access this server from one internal client which has a static private IP.  How do I do this?  I really need access to the ISA box from this particular client, but at the same time I want it locked down so others internal and external canít get to server via RADmin.

ClintD -> RE: RADmin locked down (8.Jun.2006 5:39:17 AM)

1. From Firewall Policy\Toolbox\Protocols, select Add and define a new protocol named 'RADmin' with the settings of TCP / Outbound / DestPort 4899 (this looks like the default port from a brief search on their site)
2. From Firewall Policy\Toolbox\Network Objects, select Add -> Computer and enter the desired static IP address that you want to allow RADmin from
3. From Firewall Policy\Tasks, select Create New Access Rule and use the RADmin protocol (under User Defined) with the 'Computer' you created from Step 2 for the Source and Local Host for the Destination.

Let us know if it doesn't work.

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