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jmt0806 -> MXtreme Mail Firewall? (13.Jun.2006 4:31:34 PM)

Does anybody have experience working with Borderware's MXtreme Mail Firewall to publish OWA?

We currently have an ISA implementation (OWA certificate copy on ISA, SSL) to publish OWA, but would like to know if MXtreme would be a good replacement for the current setup.

tshinder -> RE: MXtreme Mail Firewall? (17.Jun.2006 3:44:04 PM)

No way. The ISA firewall is orders or magnitude more secure than the MXetreme, which isn't a firewall at all.


charlie66 -> RE: MXtreme Mail Firewall? (19.Jun.2006 10:13:21 PM)

Well, Borderware does claim that the MXtreme box is a firewall.

I have seen a presentation of the box where it was set up as an edge firewall, directly accessing the internet and the lan on two respective interfaces.

According to Borderware the OS on the MXtreme box is identical to the hardened OS on their firewall server, and for this reason you can use the MXtreme box as an edge firewall.

I haven't seen the OWA capability of MXtreme but the Borderware firewall itself has only limited support for application filtering (http).

tonygauderman -> RE: MXtreme Mail Firewall? (19.Jun.2006 10:27:40 PM)

Here is how I would implement the MXTreme or any other 3rd party email filtering appliance

Publish port 25 on the outside of your ISA Server to the outside interface of the appliance on a DMZ Perimeter network.

If it can be configured to run with a single NIC, leave it that way... If not connect the inside interface of appliance to the inside of your network.

configure the appliance to route inbound messages to your Exchange Server(s) and configure your Exchange Server(s) to send outbound mail to the appliance.

ONLY route port 25 from the internet to this appliance, and let ISA serve your OWA connections. 

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