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markkpa2 -> Event ID 529 (22.Jun.2006 3:25:17 PM)


Can someone please tell me if I have something to worry about when I am seeing Events 529 in the Security logs on my ISA servers.
The event says that someone is trying to authenticate with username administrator and workstation is "something".
I am using my ISA in front of Citrix Secure Gateway servers and publishing them as Secure Web Servers. Thats it...
Is this event normal?
How can someone actually (get that far) and trying to actually authenticate on the ISA servers? or am I missing something here? (probably)

Anyone? please
Thanks in advance

selmanh -> RE: Event ID 529 (7.Oct.2008 4:48:40 PM)

have you tried this articel i think it ofers explanation to why it hapens.


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