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AlexMC -> ISA 2004 EXAM 70-350 - End of Life (4.Jul.2006 12:33:40 PM)

Appreciate that no one may know, but I'm hoping someone might have heard on the ol' grape vine:

Is it worth still doing the 70-350 exam even though ISA 2006 is around the corner?

Not a brilliant studyier at the best of times, but after having a few issues over the past couple of weeks, I fancy my chances!  but as you can imagine, if I do it, I would want some longevity out of it [:D]

Have got the good Doctor's book on Amazon wish list ready and waiting, just in case!

Comments always appreciated, even if it's just a "Dunno"

Thanks in advance,

tshinder -> RE: ISA 2004 EXAM 70-350 - End of Life (4.Jul.2006 3:42:34 PM)

Hi Alex,

There won't be a ISA2006 exam, so you should go for the ISA 2004 exam. Most of the material is the same between ISA 2004 and ISA 2006 -- although the ISA 2006 product has some neat Web Publishing enhancements.


AlexMC -> RE: ISA 2004 EXAM 70-350 - End of Life (5.Jul.2006 10:00:05 AM)

Great news! [:D]

Thanks - wasn't sure that anyone knew the answer.

Time to get studying!

Thanks Again,

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