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patrickcrum -> ISa Server just stops allowing access to internet (10.Jul.2006 3:16:13 PM)

I just got our ISA 2004 server up and running for about 5 weeks.   I recently installed Symantec for isa server 2004 and tested for a few weeks with no issues at all.     I moved it into production and now I'm having issues.   The internet is completely inaccessable like someone flipped a switch.   It stays that way until I completely reboot the server.   Then it works fine for a few hours.   Nothing really weird in the event log and I don't see anything out of the ordinary on the services.  
This all started last week when I was changing the order of some rules.   I had two rules highlighted and were going to move them down.   It never fully "applied" the rules.   (after hitting apply the progress bar went half way and froze)  I waited for 10- minutes but nothing happened.  I finally hat to kill it in the task manager.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this and if so how to fix.

Thanks,  PC

patrickcrum -> RE: ISa Server just stops allowing access to internet (10.Jul.2006 5:30:04 PM)

Just had to reboot again.   I then after the system came up had to change a setting in the add-in  rules to allow travel in the symantec filter.   I hit apply and it goes half way then freezes up.    Then I have to kill the isa server application via task manager.   Any ideas?

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