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picosam -> Connection limit for an IP address... (21.Jul.2006 12:13:36 AM)

Description: ISA Server disconnected a non-TCP connection from because the connection limit for this IP address was exceeded. Larger custom connection limits should be configured for the IP addresses of chained proxy servers and back-to-back ISA Server computers with a NAT relationship.

I get this alert whenever I try to use BitComet or eMule. How can I open unlimited TCP and UDP connections for a certain Internal client?

swing -> RE: Connection limit for an IP address... (11.May2014 8:55:13 AM)

Configuration\General\Configure Flood Mitigation Settings

In the "Flood Mitigation" tab, click edit button for "Maximum new non-TCP sessions per minute per rule" option...

Hope it helps.

P.S. I strongly advised against allowing internal clients to use eMule, torrent programs, etc...
There's simply too many risks involved when you open up so many holes in your firewall to allow
those programs to work.

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