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rmharp -> Help with the Cache Size (21.Jul.2006 9:23:38 PM)

I need some input [:)]

My Setup:

2 Servers in NLB array

Server Specs:
Dual Proc Pentium 4 Xeon Duo's 2.8 Ghz
280 GB in RAID 5 array
Windows Server 2003 R2
and of course ISA 2k4

These two servers have to do Firewall/Proxy-Cache/VPN for a DS3 45Mbps connection.

Right now I have the cache size set to 40 GB per machine but I am wondering at what point is the size of the cache detrimental to the performance?  When will it be faster to actually go out to the Web and get the pages instead of searching through the cache for them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

tshinder -> RE: Help with the Cache Size (25.Jul.2006 3:17:42 AM)

Hi RM,

Since the CARP array doesn't duplicate content, the entire array represents a single logical cache file.

I generally don't like to make the disk cache any larger than the amount of memory installed on the ISA firewall. For this reason, I rarely make the cache file larger than 4 GB.


denizyalcin -> RE: Help with the Cache Size (25.Jul.2006 8:41:29 AM)

Hi Mr. Shinder,

Could you please provide us with some technical points about your consideration (or at least point us to some technical documents) ? I really would like to learn the inner workings of ISA 2004's caching function.

Thanks in advance

tshinder -> RE: Help with the Cache Size (25.Jul.2006 5:31:48 PM)

Hi Deniz,

Check out:

Based on the considerations and calculations in that article, keeping the disk cache near the RAM limit is a good "gentlemen's" estimate.


rmharp -> RE: Help with the Cache Size (25.Jul.2006 7:28:36 PM)

Thanks for your help Tom.


Ryan Harp

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