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vaporz53 -> cannot access webmail server (PLEASE HELP ASAP) (21.Jul.2006 10:02:32 PM)

        We are having trouble accessing the webmail server externally.Access to the server internally is working fine..Are there any issues that i can look for..We are thinking that this could be a DNS issue but I am having ah hard time believing that
thanks in advance
-Jude Olwell

elmajdal -> RE: cannot access webmail server (PLEASE HELP ASAP) (21.Jul.2006 10:24:30 PM)

what have done to access it from external networks ?? have u published it?

garconer -> RE: cannot access webmail server (PLEASE HELP ASAP) (22.Jul.2006 3:46:18 AM)

beyond publishing it via ISA Server Web Publishing Wizard, you must make sure you already have an entry in your external DNS that points to your webmail's server IP Address.
For instance, if you are willing to access to your webmail using the address, you must create an entry type A (HOST) or ALIAS.

Refer to to more information.


vaporz53 -> RE: cannot access webmail server (PLEASE HELP ASAP) (24.Jul.2006 3:39:18 PM)

Ok...We have the server published and the dns is already configured..Yet still unable to login externally.I had mentioned before that this is the mail server, I was wrong, this is the mail archiever server..I dont hink that this would be any different..The webmail server is working properly through the ISAserver(2004).Again any help would be much appriciated.Thank you

vaporz53 -> RE: cannot access webmail server (PLEASE HELP ASAP) (25.Jul.2006 10:24:52 PM)

ok now as it seems it the isa server is forwarding all external incoming traffic to the exchange server which is already published.What want this to do is forward to another webserver...please help..thanks in advance

qskn73 -> outlook2003 gives error while connecting to gmail pop account (28.Jul.2006 12:21:24 PM)


I want to access my gmail account using my outlook2003. but outlook gives me the error to logon on the gmail server.
Even he finds the pop3 and smtp servers of the gmail server. i m using the settings as per gmail helpcentre.

Is there any special settings into firewal rule .

Thanks as advance.


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