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Mostafa -> RPC OVER HTTP (27.Jul.2006 9:14:20 AM)

I have exchange 2003 sp2 front end and back end in the internal network.
And ISA server2004 SP2 behind Cisco pix. Iím trying to make RPC over http.
From the internal network I can connect with RPC I Check with Outlook /rpcdiag and ití ok.
But when I connect from the external network from the same pc I can connect.
I did RPC rule in the ISA and open port http, https, 135 in the pix.
What maybe  be wrong I canít connect . please help

tshinder -> RE: RPC OVER HTTP (30.Jul.2006 5:07:29 PM)

Hi Mostafa,

TCP 135 is used by Secure Exchange RPC publishing. The PIX isn't an intelligent firewall, so it does not know how to manage the RPC communications securely, move the PIX out of the way if you want to use Secure Exchange RPC publishing.

RPC/HTTP does not use TCP 135, it uses SSL, TCP 443.


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