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wilsona -> Problem with Surfcontrol Web Reports (4.Aug.2006 11:21:25 AM)

I have successfully installed Surfcontrol Web Filter on ISA 2004 and it is working well. However, when I try to run Web Reports, all I get is the front page with a login button on it. Pressing the button does nothing. Nothing useful appears in the log (which reports success!). Does anyone know what needs to be done to get Web Reports running on the ISA server itself? Access is not needed from a remote client.

wilsona -> RE: Problem with Surfcontrol Web Reports (4.Aug.2006 1:19:10 PM)

I have found a solution for this - change the shortcut to use 'localhost' instead of the fully qualified domain name of the server. Maybe I have a DNS issue? Anyway, it works now.

Note that there is a surfcontrol document at if you want to make reports accessable from a remote client.

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