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davehocking -> Rulebase Analysis (8.Aug.2006 10:27:33 AM)

Hi there, does anyone know of any software that can be used to analyse the rulebase for a given user/computer/subnet?

It would be really nice to input an object (be that a user, computer whatever) and see the different systems that the user has access to, much like Group Policy Modelling in the GPMC.

We have a very complex ISA installation and managing the rulebase is getting a little difficult!

Any help/advice/pointers would be really appreciated.


PS - apologies for the cross posting, I wasn't sure which topic to put this in

denizyalcin -> RE: Rulebase Analysis (8.Aug.2006 11:38:00 AM)

Hi Dave,
I didn't see this post and wrote a reply to the other one ;) I think it suits to both topics. Such a tool would be very useful for problem analysis. I want to know if this is possible via scripting (and how if the answer is yes).

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