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davehocking -> Versioning/Change Control (9.Aug.2006 11:43:56 AM)

A built in abilty to manage the changes to the rulebase / config would also be a great use, with a 'roll back' feature also?

denizyalcin -> RE: Versioning/Change Control (9.Aug.2006 11:54:42 AM)

You should work as an advisor in MS' ISA Team [:D]

tshinder -> RE: Versioning/Change Control (9.Aug.2006 3:18:44 PM)

I agree. Some method of automating change management.


davehocking -> RE: Versioning/Change Control (10.Aug.2006 4:39:27 PM)

@denizyalcin - LOL, thanks (I think?!) but I'm just a user of a complex ISA deployment. I've got great faith in the product but think it needs some tweaks to really show it's mettle.

@tom - Do you think MS will act on the information in these posts?

denizyalcin -> RE: Versioning/Change Control (11.Aug.2006 1:27:57 AM)

It was a compliment. You made such great feature suggestions on your posts that I felt a surge to thank you [;)]

JesseA -> RE: Versioning/Change Control (11.Aug.2006 12:52:23 PM)

davehocking, you can export your ISA Server configuration at any time, and even automate it, for example to save it every day. So then you can 'rollback' to saved configuration.
Is this not enough?

tshinder -> RE: Versioning/Change Control (12.Aug.2006 6:01:02 PM)

Hi Jesse,

I think what they want is a detailed accounting of what changed in the Firewall policy. In ISA 2000, there was a comment field in the backup routine where you could do this, but they removed it from 2004/6.


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