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isa_whaat -> Multiple External Interfaces (23.Aug.2006 6:17:48 PM)

Hey All,
I'm running 2 ISA2004 fw's due the fact that I could not get it to work with 2 external networks.
Does anyone know if 2006 does support this configuration? Rainconnect would have been a possible option but I see that they have halted the sale of this product.

denizyalcin -> RE: Multiple External Interfaces (23.Aug.2006 6:25:27 PM)


No way, ISA 2006 does not support it, too. Search the forums. There are much cheaper (and hardware based) solutions to this problem. You'll find a Cisco router which will give you the ability for "WAN Failover" and NLB both. Nowadays I'm looking for solutions based on other brands like HP Procurve routers or 3com 5000 series routers.

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