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chipTM -> Proxy Autoconfiguration (29.Aug.2006 7:11:17 PM)

I have read and followed the steps in chapter 5, I have aliased wpad on the domain, and and created a fully qualified wpad alias i think, How can i tell if a client is disovering the wpad created by the isa server AND if it is pointing to it now, its not working because I can get to sites that I have blocked.

gja -> RE: Proxy Autoconfiguration (29.Aug.2006 9:09:51 PM)


When a client is using de autoconfiguration script something has to be changed in de registry.
Make sure the user who is logging in has the rights to change the registry setting otherwise it can not work.


bparadise -> RE: Proxy Autoconfiguration (30.Aug.2006 1:05:54 AM)

I am New at this as well but there are 2 ways that I Know of to tell.
1. Install the firewall client and see if it will automaticly Configure
2. In the outlook setting check only automaticly detect settings and see if you can still surf?

Thats what I think but not positive.

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