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zabbas -> ISA reports (12.Sep.2006 2:43:04 PM)


   I am using ISA since few years and never had this problem. Now the ISA publishsed reports are mixing between bytes in/out
   In the top users this was use to give us bytes in for download but it suddenly if we download something it shows as bytes out.
   anybody who can help that is causing this. We have not make any changes in the ISA configuration.

tshinder -> RE: ISA reports (13.Sep.2006 3:46:27 PM)

Hi Zabbas,

Is this ISA 2006?


zabbas -> RE: ISA reports (13.Sep.2006 5:16:33 PM)

Problem started with ISA2004  as i was not  finding anything in configuration  then i installed ISA 2006 with minimum
configuration, reports were showing the same in there as well..



zabbas -> RE: ISA reports (30.Sep.2006 7:43:19 AM)

Porblem only appears if the logging format is selected W3C and IIS . If the logging is done with in the builtin engine
report is fine.

Zaheer Abbas

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