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fastjack -> Firewall Client won't connect to 2nd ISA server (13.Sep.2006 5:11:41 PM)

hi there

we currently have 2 ISA server 2004 servers configured on seperate AD Sites but in the same DNS and domain.  I haven't setup any automatic configuration and plan just to use the FWCtool to script which server the clients should look at.

If I change my server in the FWC to server1 it shows up with a red cross and I am unable to connect to any external services.  If I change it to server2 I am then able to connect out.  I have disabled FWC on server2 but I am still unable to connect out via server1.  The error message is "disabled: ISA Server XXXX is not accessible"

Using server1 has worked as I completed some testing on that before configuring the server2.  I have checked that the name exists in DNS, is unique.  I have tried using the IP address in the FWC but that won't connect either.

I am now stumped, hence posting on here.  any help would be appreciated.


fastjack -> RE: Firewall Client won't connect to 2nd ISA server (18.Sep.2006 6:00:10 PM)


turns out we had a DNS/WINS crash, and the entry for server one had been removed from the DNS server but not the WINS server, which explains why I could ping, and Rdp to it but not connect with the FWC.

Simply re-added the DNS entry and it started working ok

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