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aonoel -> HELP WEB PUBLISHING (URGENT) (18.Sep.2006 4:33:52 PM)

Hi All I have ISA 2004 installed and I need publish hundred sites in a same Public IP (  My internal IP is and itīs in ISA Server in my internal network ( with sites in ports 82, 84, 85 and so on. In ISA 2000 is all OK !!! I've just direct, by web publishing rules - action, the ports HTTP to ports 82, 84 or 88 and FTP to 821 and SSL to 843. As I said, thereīs no problem. But when I try to do use ISA 2004 I donīt get !!! What happened ? Is it possible to do this in ISA 2004 ? How can I direct different ports besides standard ports 80, 21 and 443 ? Tanks, Edson

tshinder -> RE: HELP WEB PUBLISHING (URGENT) (30.Sep.2006 5:30:30 PM)

Hi Edson,

The 2004 ISA Firewall allows you to redirect to alternate ports. Have you tried that yet?


aonoel -> RE: HELP WEB PUBLISHING (URGENT) (26.Oct.2006 2:06:28 PM)

Hi Tom,

Where? In the Publish a Web Server Rules, tab bridging or Listener?



Guest -> RE: HELP WEB PUBLISHING (URGENT) (27.Oct.2006 3:47:51 AM)

[:D] here:

aonoel -> RE: HELP WEB PUBLISHING (URGENT) (27.Oct.2006 1:16:45 PM)

Hi Adrian,

This artice is very good but my problem is that on the SAME SERVER HOST  I have multiple web site and with diferent ports, for example 82, 84 and 86 how make this? Where I redirect the ports? Publish a Web Server Rules in  Bridging or Listener?



Guest -> RE: HELP WEB PUBLISHING (URGENT) (28.Oct.2006 6:00:10 AM)

if you are using to reach the web servers ip addresses and ports you need:
Both: web listener and in the bridging tab.
if you are using host headers and your users type in their browser something like that: then use in every web publishing rule the same web listener because the request will be for port 80.
enter in the Public Name dialog box the URL that is used from outside to access the web server.
you don't need to do port redirection when you are using host headers.
you set these headers in your web sites and ISA will differentiate between sites with them.
make sure that you put a check in the: "Forward The Original Host Header Instead Of The Actual One"
but if you want to redirect to other ports:
go to the bridging tab and redirect them to your ports: 81, 82....

aonoel -> RE: HELP WEB PUBLISHING (URGENT) (30.Oct.2006 11:43:32 AM)

Hi Adrian and All,

My mistake was in web listener I created one for every site (jack-ass), but I should created only one web listener associating to IP with port 80. After this I needed to publishing my internal web sites on different ports.

Breaf, first publish port 80 and after to router internal port.

Tanks a lot.


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