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SMFX -> Custom Auth Forms (23.Sep.2006 2:48:47 AM)

According to the help files, making a new custom form should be as easy as copying one of the existing folders in ConfigAuthTemplates (either Exchange or ISA) to a new folder in the same subdirectory, customize the forms leaving the <FORM> area alone, point the published app to use the new form (using the directory's name, and you should be good to go.

However, when I do this I get an error 502.  This happens even if I just copy the basic Exchange form and don't change anything.  I've also tried doing xcopy and preserving auditing/permissions/ownership with no change in result

However, I can copy the exchange folder and change the original to my heart's content.  The only odd thing with it is I seem to have to Restart the firewall service for the change to take affect, however that could be do to the proxy or something else.

Anyone got any ideas what the proper way to do this forms are?

System Information:
   ISA Server 2006 Standard Edition
   Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise
   RAM:  512MB
   Disk Space: 16GB main drive, 16GB for a cache drive

Just trying to figure this out.


tshinder -> RE: Custom Auth Forms (3.Oct.2006 2:47:17 PM)

Hi SM,

Check out the Web site. I know there is a doc there on how to customize the forms.


PCC -> RE: Custom Auth Forms (7.Oct.2006 4:33:45 PM)

I can't find any info on the Microsoft site about customizing the forms.  And I'm having some strange problems also.  I will post in a new thread because the problem is different that what was mentioned here.

tshinder -> RE: Custom Auth Forms (8.Oct.2006 11:53:48 AM)


It's in the ISA 2006 doc library.


PCC -> RE: Custom Auth Forms (8.Oct.2006 3:28:38 PM)

I must be blind or something.  I have searched the MS site again and I can not find any information on customizing FBA.  If you know where the document is could you please post a link to the MS site where I can find it?


ggombos -> RE: Custom Auth Forms (19.Oct.2006 10:20:22 AM)

I'd love to see the docs regarding this new feature as well.
I cannot find anything via searches on MS either and even downloaded the SDK which mentions custom forms dir but nothing on how to implement.

Tom - Sounds like this could be a great article since there doesn't seem to be anything easily available!

tshinder -> RE: Custom Auth Forms (19.Oct.2006 11:16:36 AM)

Hey guys,

you're right! My bad :(

What I was thinking of was the page on customizing error messages:

There is an article on this site on how to do it for ISA 2004, does that work with 2006?


PCC -> RE: Custom Auth Forms (19.Oct.2006 2:05:48 PM)

I have found that it is pretty much the same as customizing for ISA 2004.  But rather than modifying the original FBA pages you just copy either the ISA or EXCHANGE folder and give it a custom name.  Then modify those files and tell your web publishing rule to use that folder.

tshinder -> RE: Custom Auth Forms (21.Oct.2006 12:54:58 PM)



jayshaw91 -> RE: Custom Auth Forms (27.Oct.2006 9:27:09 AM)

Ok, I need some serious hand holding, I guess.  I saw this:

...and I just assumed if I edited the strings.txt file it would work.

All I want to do is change some of the verbiage that comes up.  For example, instead of Passcode, I want it to say "RSA PIN/Token Code:" and a few small things like this.  I don't want different pictures or anything like that.

I edited the strings.txt file in both the Exchange\HTML and ISA\HTML folders.  Neither seemed to do the trick.  Restarted the firewall service, also.

I cleared all the files on the client, also, just in case it was a caching issue on the machine.

PCC -> RE: Custom Auth Forms (27.Oct.2006 9:39:40 AM)

Within the HTML folder there is a folder named "nls".  Within the "nls" folder there are several folders for all the different languages.  Go to the "en" folder if you are using English (or whatever folder is for your language) and you will find another "Strings.txt" file there.  Edit that file and you should see the changes after you restart the firewall service.

jayshaw91 -> RE: Custom Auth Forms (27.Oct.2006 9:47:44 AM)

You are the man.  That did it.

PCC -> RE: Custom Auth Forms (27.Oct.2006 9:52:52 AM)

Glad I could help.

jayshaw91 -> RE: Custom Auth Forms (21.Nov.2006 11:24:06 AM)

Hopefully one last question on this topic. 

There is a "Use a different user name" checkbox that I want removed.  Any ideas how?

richard_artes -> RE: Custom Auth Forms (3.Sep.2008 3:23:40 PM)

Thank goodness for Thomas Shinder and Saved another hour at my computer!
Richard Artes.

tshinder -> RE: Custom Auth Forms (5.Sep.2008 8:02:04 AM)

Hi Richard,

Thanks! We're all here to help.


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