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Ashokk001 -> Issues with SurfControl and Post SP2 hotfixes (25.Sep.2006 9:45:35 AM)

Hi All,

We have SurfControl webfilter installed on a ISA 2004 SP2 Std Edition. The first time we noticed the problem was when we installed SP2 for isa 2004. The issues is that whenever there is an isa hotfix that gets installed which relate to the compression filter or diffserv filter surf control does not block the sites that should be blocked.

We contacted surfcontrol and they told us to diable the filters because all three of them (surfcontrol, diffserv and HTTP compression filter) have the high priority and therefore they try to get hold of the traffic to inspect it as soon as its seen on isa server.

So the problem is that Compression filter and diff serv filter takes over the prioroty from surf control and therefore SC can't inspect it and lets it pass. This is the info i got from their tech support personnel.

The solution is to uninstall and reinstall SC as that will put the surfcontrol filter back at the top again. We did this an things were working fine SC was blocking the sites etc.

Then we installed hotfix KB833390 that we got from PSS for isa 2004 sp2 std edt. and the problem came back up again. SC would not block the sites yet it was categorising it correctly. So i diabled the HTTP compression filter and DiffServ filter and it started to work again.

I decided to turn on the filters (HTTP and DiffServ) again to see if it made a difference but SC still blocks it as it should so that part is working okay now. Now of course i want to know if the HTTP compression filter is working or not.

Is there anyway to check to see if the compression filter is working?



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