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Matt-Helm -> ppp0e Speedstream 4200 & ISA 2004 (27.Sep.2006 5:29:04 PM)

So I took my first shot at setting up ISA 2004 with a DSL line that does ppp0e the other day. I have two usuable outside static ip address's. I set one up on the DSL router in bridge mode and let the router handle the ppp0e authentication. I setup the outside NIC on the firewall with the second usable outside ip address and made the gateway the first usuable ip address which is the DSL router. ISSUES! http wasn't working right even though i could open up a dos prompt behind the firewall and do a nslookup and it would work. When i actually opened up IE from a client pages would time out. ISA 2004 said something about a DNS problem.

So should i put router between the DSL modem and the ISA2004 firewall? Do double NAT like that? Put the DSL modem in bridge only mode and let the ISA2004 do the ppp0e authentication?

Any help would be appreciated.


r0bert -> RE: ppp0e Speedstream 4200 & ISA 2004 (28.Sep.2006 4:51:40 PM)

I have a setup similar to you.  My modem is a SpeedStream (I think 5000 or 5100).  I also have a 4 port gateway router with firewall and NAT.  At first I had ISA external interface connected directly to the modem ethernet port with the modem doing PPPOE.  I bypassed the router as suggested by a Technet Forum user.  My setup was:
DSL Modem->ISA External->LAN
My clients and ISA Internal were connected to a switch and I had the clients DG set to the ISA Internal address.  This worked well until I tried to set up ISA as a VPN server.  I had to change my configuration because the VPN would NOT work with the DSL modem doing PPPOE.  Here's what I did.  I set the DSL modem to bridge mode (I think this is the mode that the modem goes into once you disable PPPOE), and assigned the router an IP address in the range.
I left the firewall and NAT enabled on the router.  I turned off DNS and DHCP because I have a DNS server and DHCP server on my network.  I assigned the ISA External an IP address in the range and connected it to the router.  I enabled PPPOE on the router.  So now my configuration looked like this:
DSL Modem (bridge mode)->Router (with firewall and NAT enabled)->ISA External ( range)->LAN/ISA Internal ( range)
I have only the ISA External interface connected to the router. 
This works well for me.  I only have one dynamic IP address that's assigned to the external interface on my router by my ISP.  I guess it would work the same with a static IP addresses.  I have no more trouble with the VPN.  I hope this helps!

Matt-Helm -> RE: ppp0e Speedstream 4200 & ISA 2004 (28.Sep.2006 5:00:16 PM)

Excellent :)

Thats what i was gathering from reading previous posts. I wont be able to try it out until tuesday.


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