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Compton -> AntiVirus plugin for 2006 (27.Sep.2006 10:23:49 PM)

Anyone know when any of the winners of the AV readers choice for ISA will come out with updates for their products for ISA 2006?


jagg -> RE: AntiVirus plugin for 2006 (28.Sep.2006 10:55:03 PM)

I can tell you that I did a test install today of mcafee securityshield and it doesn't work [sm=frown.gif]

aavdberg -> RE: AntiVirus plugin for 2006 (7.Oct.2006 2:03:46 PM)

We are running SecurityShield of McAfee on our Isa Server 2006 and it's running without any problems.

What is the problem with your installation, can you be more precise?

strongbad -> RE: AntiVirus plugin for 2006 (4.Dec.2006 11:03:59 AM)

CA etrust Antivirus Gateway Edition was a great add-on for ISA 2004. If you owned licenses of etrust AV/PestPatrol then you could install the Gateway Edition plugin for ISA 2004. This required no additional cost other than a single node license of etrust AV. Best of all, it filtered SMTP, FTP, HTTP in addition to scanning and filtering of java methods and applets, certificates, you name it. Not the most user friendly program, but if you took the effort to sort through the docs and experiment, you could not beat it for value. I was using version 7.1.

Unfortunately, CA is not supporting the gateway for ISA 2006. I just upgraded to take advantage of some of ISA 2006's features and the CA filters are not working. Calls to CA enterprise tech support confirm that the product is not compatible
with ISA 2006. My sales rep tells me that they are not pushing to develop this product any further. Even if you buy their Integrated Threat Management (ITM) suite at version 8.0, which includes AV and Pest Patrol malware components, it ships with the 7.1 gateway plugin for ISA. You can still install the gateway software as a standalone proxy in front of your ISA Server. This would require all traffic to hit the etrust Proxy before being relayed to the ISA box. I am unsure of the complexity involved in this situation, so I may have to look elsewhere. McAfee looks like the only filter that will scan FTP, HTTP and SMTP as an ISA plugin, but now I will have to ante up big bucks (like 14 bucks per user).

Has anyone placed etrust AV Gateway edition in front of ISA as a proxy?

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