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Sleeper -> Surfcontrol (28.Sep.2006 2:36:54 PM)

Does anybody know if the current version of SurfControl is supported on ISA2006 as there is nothing mentioned on there site, so was Just wondering if anyone had tried to install it.


Compton -> RE: Surfcontrol (29.Sep.2006 9:42:38 PM)

Jason Jones -> RE: Surfcontrol (29.Sep.2006 11:32:49 PM)

Apparently works, but not supported until SCWF v5.5 in November'ish.

leslie -> RE: Surfcontrol (24.Oct.2006 5:28:28 AM)

Works Fine!!! I tried the demo and it worked well for one month. Just waiting to see if we should buy it now or wait till the next finacial year.
I was wondering about Dynacomm's i:filter and what Microsoft's plans are for it?

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