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future2000 -> bandwidth splitter (28.Sep.2006 5:51:58 PM)

    Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with bandwidth splitter from...

I've just installed the demo version on my test isa server and it seems to work well, does exactly what it says on the tin. I'm looking to implement a solution capable of limiting bandwidth etc. for around 150 users and I have doubts as to whether this product will scale to a system with this many live users running through it.


elmajdal -> RE: bandwidth splitter (28.Sep.2006 7:24:21 PM)

bsplitter is good, and also u can have a look at

pesonally, i  recommend both.


nhatminh1209 -> RE: bandwidth splitter (23.Mar.2008 3:04:10 AM)

I'm using Bandwidth splitter now. And I put a new rules in shaping rules.
Applies to: IP Sets: Internal
Type: distributed (static)
Destination: Localhost
Speed Limit: In: 128 kbit/s, Out:128 kbit/s
HTTP Boost: 200kbits/s (10/10)

And I put a rules in firewall policy:
Allow Bandwidth:
Protocol: Bandwidth Splitter Remote Management ( parametter: Port range: 1-10 -TCP-Outbound)
from: internal
To: Localhost
Condition: All User

My Internal IP: -
External IP: 192.168.1.
Localhost is my ISA Server 2004. It has two NIC.

When I try to check out the bandwidth in client with IDM to down load: It still load to 69-72kbyte/s (my DSL is 512kbit/s)? Why is that? What's the problem? What's wrong? Please, help me. I don't know what's wrong here?
I point the port range only 1-10 TCP but client still browser web?

elmajdal -> RE: bandwidth splitter (23.Mar.2008 3:59:58 AM)


You will get a faster reply in Bsplitter forums :

nhatminh1209 -> RE: bandwidth splitter (25.Mar.2008 11:00:02 PM)

Thanks elmajdal :D

elmajdal -> RE: bandwidth splitter (26.Mar.2008 6:21:21 AM)

You are most welcome.

Send my regards there to Evgeny [:D]

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