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Onad -> ISA 2006 Training (1.Oct.2006 7:45:27 AM)

    Hello All,

In my environment we will be switching from ISA 2000 to 2006.  Currently the ISA install was setup and configured by an outside consultant, and our in house knowledge of the product is extremely limited.  With the migration to the 2006 platform I am hoping to take a more active role in the setup, and management of the product.  Does anyone know of any training that is available for ISA 2006?  I'm looking for actual classroom style insturction.  Would a training course in ISA 2004 be sufficient to cover 2006 or are there too many differences in the products?

Thanks in advance for all your help,


elmajdal -> RE: ISA 2006 Training (1.Oct.2006 7:56:01 PM)

The Best advice is to start reading the articles in this site.
and u can wait for Tom's new book for ISA 2006, it will be the best resoure for ISA u will ever get.


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