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Sawyer -> EAS using FBA (11.Oct.2006 11:26:33 AM)

Hello all

Running ISA 2006 on windows 2003 sp1. I have a single Exchange 2003 sp2 server (AD is on its own machine) I can succesfully publish OWA, RPC over HTTPS using FBA and SSL bridging, but what i cant seem to get working is EAS or OMA. I am using one listener for the entire rule. I was under the impression that ISA 2006 was able to publish EAS, PRC over HTTPS, OMA and OWA using FBA using one listener and one valid ip address. Am i wrong in my assumptions? The error i get on my PDA (cingular 8125 running WM 5.0 with MSFP) is 0x85010014


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