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ggombos -> Session timouts working as expected? (11.Oct.2006 3:45:24 PM)

Okay our setup is ISA 2006 to single Exchange BE 2003 using ssl-ISA-ssl-BE.
When the session timout limit is exceeded a login screen appears in the preview pane of OWA but all of the message headers are still visible. Of course if you try and open a message a login screen pops up. I'm wondering if this is normal operation since it seems a little unclear to an end user that the session actually timed out. Is this how the timeouts work in ISA 2006 or am I missing something?

Many Thanks!

tshinder -> RE: Session timouts working as expected? (11.Oct.2006 9:54:30 PM)

Hi Greg,

I *believe* this is how it works, but I haven't tested it yet.


ggombos -> RE: Session timouts working as expected? (12.Oct.2006 8:40:55 AM)

Thanks for the speedy reply Tom.
Any idea what happens at session timeout with any kind of ISA/OWA setup?
As this is my 1st setup using ISA so I'm not sure what to expect with regards to session timeouts.

BTW Tom thanks for your very helpful articles, the detail and explanation are first class!

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