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Grolsch -> ISA 2004 Chaining (16.Oct.2006 6:55:17 AM)

Hi all.

My current network configuration is like this:

Isa 2004 standard (single network adapter) --> 2x ISA 2004 Enterprise in NLB ---> Firewall --> internet.

The isa standard isa servers are located in branch offices, they are there to cache.
Im chaining the web proxy and SecureNAT clients up to the NLB adress of our enterprise ISA's in head office. This works very well.

I have clicked in that users need to authenticate with windows intergrated to the standard isa server at the branc offices.

This works, confirmed in the sessions list.
The result of the chaining is that the session list on the ISA enterprises show 1 singel connection from the branch office, the ip adress of that isa.
This connection is shown as anonymous.

My question is that:
If i enable that users need to authenticated on the Enterprise isa's will i be able to log all user traffic on these 2 servers?

The reason i want to do this is to have a central location for the logging.

My first post here so bear with me if my english is bad.

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