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Peter_Dibbens -> Problem Installing second CSS (17.Oct.2006 6:14:33 AM)

Hi Guys I am trying to install ISA 2006

The below error occurs when I attempt to add a second ISA server to the enterprise and attempt to create a replica of the configuration storage container (ADAM)

Setup Failed to connect to the specified Configuration Storage server computer This may be becuuse the local computer needs to be added to the Replicate Configuration Storage server computer set

First I am not able to add the server to the "Replicate Configuration Storage Server" computer set as it is greyed out (I assume this gets populated dynamically)

Read the getting started guide and it never mentions adding additional replicas.

I am no ISA expert and have had this dumped on me (Typical) no one else able to answer the question.
The log states that the server is not able to connect to the Instance of ADAM

BTW this is a completey default install with a single nic no AD policies nothing. I tried adding the server (ISA02) to the system policy rule set but still no go. Name Res etc etc is all working ok. I am only using ISA for proxying

Thanks again for any help I will continue to investigate, I guess this must be real simple but I cannot spot it.
I have one network defined in my lab environment

Any help would be great thanks Peter

Ladavin -> RE: Problem Installing second CSS (25.Oct.2006 4:16:45 PM)


Hi there I am having the same issue as you are.  I am sorry that no one has answered your question.  If you have found a fix for this I would love it if you would let me know what it might be.  if not once I find an answer I will post it here.

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