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JesusisLord -> Web Publishing (25.Oct.2006 5:57:54 PM)

Dear All,

Along side my ISA design I need help with, which can be seen in the DMZ section :) I thought i'd ask about web publishing rules. So far I have set up an exchange publishing rule, and it seems to work ok, i did have an issue with caching but by turning caching off, it solved the issue (i spose it's not really a good solution to the problem because part of the reason of having ISA was for caching :) but anyways, the web rule is working on port80.

When I tried to setup another listener for port80, I got the logical error message that port 80 is in use.... Basically we have a few sites which are hosted on different machines in our network, which our customers need to access while we work on projects for them.

So for customer a, we would have a url like http://customera.mycompany.com
and external dns would point to our f/w, the firewall would then do a port forward to the server a.

We would do this again for another customer, so http://customerb.mycompany.com

and again the firewall would forward this to the relevent machine but using a different port.

What is the best thing that I need to do, so that I can have multiple sites, using the same port, mapping to different machines? is this possible, it looks like it is possible if you have lots of sites hosted on the same webserver.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Kindest Regards,


Remy -> RE: Web Publishing (26.Oct.2006 4:21:03 AM)


My thoughts are that you will need a different web listener for your mail and website publishing rules. One Web Listener can host multiple web sites but share authentication. You may be able to use your original WL for the mail publishing if it does not have a distinct SSL cert and shares the authentication mechanism.

You can also bind multiple IPs to a single NIC and publish this separately on DNS.

Here's an article by Tom which should point you in the right direction for publishing multiple websites using a single IP.



JesusisLord -> RE: Web Publishing (26.Oct.2006 9:15:55 AM)

Dear Remy,

Worked like a treat, I added a second public facing IP to my external NIC, and the created a web listerner on that IP. I created two alias's for my domain, pointed them to that IP, and both sites worked, even though the sites were hosted on seperate web servers on seperate subnets....

Man I love ISA server more and more... it's got to be one of the best F/W products on the market, just  a shame it has to run on Windows OS :)

Now all i need checking is whether ISA would be able to automatically start using the second gateway (if i add it) i.e gateway 1 with cost 1, gateway 2 with cost 20 or something like that, and so if my primary link goes down, then isa will hopefully start using gateway2 until gateway 1 comes back online?

I have two internet links you see:-


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