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Brenta2 -> Firewall Issue?? (26.Oct.2006 10:55:01 AM)

I am not sure if I am close or not...
I have 2 MS Exchange 2003 BE servers and have just added a FE and ISA aswell. Here is where I am.
From inside, if I got to http://FrontEnd IP I am fine (from any of our subnets).
If I am on the ISA (in our DMZ) and I put in Same address all is ok.
If I am inside I use http://ISA or ISA/Exchange I get no where.

I can ping from inside to ISA and from outside I can ping (directed to our ISA) but I cannot do any more. Firewall (not ISA) is wide open to "MyHouse" so I can play. Is there a certain rule I need to apply on ISA to allow myself to use RD to work on finishing this? Can I open the ISA firewall fully to eliminate (or confirm) the ISA Firewall being an issue?


Brent...AKA Totally lost in this ISA stuff... [:(]

Brenta2 -> RE: Firewall Issue?? (27.Oct.2006 1:25:50 PM)

Got most of it figured out...


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