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JesusisLord -> URGENT FTP & SMTP (27.Oct.2006 11:56:05 AM)

Dear All,

I'm trying to make my FTP server accessible to the web. I have updated the external DNS alias entry to point to one of my public facing IPs and have created a server publishing rule to listen for FTPSERVER for the same IP but it doesn't seem to be working?

Odly enough I tried to do the same for remote desktop, but remote desktop allowed me to remote onto the server, but not the pc but i desperatly need to get FTP and SMTP working internally and externally within the next few hours.

Help would be so greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


spouseele -> RE: URGENT FTP & SMTP (27.Oct.2006 12:05:03 PM)


because you posted this in the Web Publishing forum, it's not clear to me if you are trying to web publish or server publish your internal FTP server. Please, be *exact* in you questions and/or info. [8D]


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