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llpick3415 -> need help (30.Oct.2006 7:25:48 PM)

I need to put up a web server and I am not sure whether to add it to
the domain or not. It will host a very large data base that will have a
lot of traffic. I would rather not have the users go thru the sbs
domain via the isa server. However I need access to the server from
inside the network. Can I use one of my live static addresses and set a
new domain name on it and have 2 nic cards , one for the internal
network and one for the internet? That way all the outside users would
be able to acces this. One more problem I have a T-1 line with the
external nic from the SBS server (ISA) hooked directly into it. SO I
would need another router with a dual lan slot. The internal nic on the
web server would be addressed within the lan address of my sbs network.
My main concern is traffic load on the existing ISA server, security
for the sbs network, and authentication on the web server. I could also
obtain another internet connection for the web server. Could this still
be part of the domain with a separate live address on the second nic?

My present network consists of  20 client machines, many printers, one member server hosting internal data base, one SBS 2003 premium edition server with ISA 2004 (2 nics one local and one live) a T-1 internet connection directly from the sbs live nic card.

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