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llpick3415 -> ISA server help needed (5.Nov.2006 4:04:07 PM)

Need to know how much
burden will be put on the SBS server/ISA server, with the web data
base site
published behind the ISA on a different box of course and with constant
hits. I am going
to use a dual T-1 line into the router with load balancing
. There
around 60,000 members in this data base and over 30 clubs will
constantly hitting the web site for member checkin all day long. The
data base will double in the next year. Is it ok to publish the web data base /applications with terminal/citrix
(located on a different very robust server) behind the ISA or
should I approach this with a separate lan with a dual ethernet module
on router and a separate isa server in front of this or,,, the 3 leg
approach with isa server with 3 nics and 2 lans? (perimeter network).

I spoke with a Microsoft ISA engineer and they seem to think that ISA
will have no problem doing the job. This data base will not be hosted on
the SBS box at all. IT will be on a 3u rack server. Need all the input
I can get.  Please send email direct to me at


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