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ErnieDV -> Adding a 2nd Exchange server to OWA / moving Exchange? (6.Nov.2006 2:10:05 PM)

I originally posted this the the Web Publishing forum ( but have received no replies.  It looks like I posted it to the wrong forum and this is a better place.

My ISA2004 OWA setup has been working fine since it was put up about 6 months ago.  Here is my configuration:

ISA configured with "Single Network Adapter" template
ISA server is not a member of my domain
One Exchange server is published via ISA
The same SSL certificate is used on the Exchange server and ISA server
My internal domain is a .local designation

My challenge is that I'm trying to move my Exchange installation to a new server.  The procedure for this is to add the new server to the existing site, migrate the mailboxes, then remove the initial server from the site.  Outlook automatically detects the new server when a client connects and to the client it is all seamless.

Except, for OWA.  I expected the current OWA server to simply get data in the background from the new server.  I've currently got 2 conditions:
1.  When accessing my mailbox from inside my network, I can get to OWA, but I get a 2nd login dialog.  Once I log in the second time I can get to OWA.
2.  When accessing my mailbox from outside my network, I can log in at the normal OWA login page, but am then presented with an error indicating that the page I've requested is unavailable.

My initial reaction to this was thinking that I just needed to add the same certificate to my new Exchange server's IIS, but I've discovered that certificates don't work that way.  My research has lead me to some great articles by Tom about wildcard certificates, split dns, and using commercial certificates, but I'm just not sure that there isn't something else going on that I need to accommodate.

It seems to me that this has to be a common need for ISA/OWA installations.  How do folks do this?


Systems Administrator - Museum of Northern Arizona

tshinder -> RE: Adding a 2nd Exchange server to OWA / moving Exchange? (15.Nov.2006 10:48:20 AM)

ACK! Hork mode = single NIC.

Relegating to Web proxy section.

ErnieDV -> RE: Adding a 2nd Exchange server to OWA / moving Exchange? (15.Nov.2006 11:24:53 AM)

Um... Tom... I'm delighted to finally have a reply from someone, but this really isn't very helpful.  It's ok if you tell me that my setup is entirely screwed up and I should start over, but some kind of guidance would be appreciated.  I'm sure that I've fallen into a common error and others could benefit from some advice on how to get out of it.

In case it's helpful, my original post in the Web Publishing section is here:
Since apparently that is the more appropriate place for this question.

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